Monday, August 01, 2005

Nine and Counting

Hello everyone. My vacation was excellent and I am ready to start blogging again.

Kevin Zeese notes that the number of Republicans in favor of bringing the troops home has increased to nine.

First it was Walter Jones (R-NC) who began to speak out in favor of an exit strategy for Iraq. Now there are nine. This is still a trickle - but it is a growing one. And as the support for the war decreases, evidence of the failure of the occupation and the increased risk the occupation poses to security at home becomes more apparent, this trickle could develop into a pounding river.

Zeese goes on to describe the different motives that have led these congressmen to the same conclusion - that Iraq was a bad decision which should be reversed as soon as possible.

The article is worth reading with an eye to detail and specifics. Understanding how these powerful people became opposed to a war that is supported by their own party will assist you in explaining to others (and in particular Republicans) why they should oppose the war as well.


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Welcome back.

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Yes - good to have you back.

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