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Steve On Fire

Just a quick blurb from the best blog on the Internet:

Now, it's crucial to note that there isn't a closely organized Russia-Israel-U.S. Jewish Mafia-with-a-capital-M. There are merely a number of opportunists who tend, for reasons of family ties, educational connections, personal style, ethnic solidarity (we all hang together or we all hang separately), and personal comfort level, to do illegal business with each other rather than with people from other ethnic groups.

Over time, these opportunists proved more successful than their competitors on a per capita, for a variety of reasons -- brains, experience, the existence of Israel as a refuge from arrest, and ties to the business, media and think tank worlds in America generating financial and political capital.

But one huge advantage has been that they've achieved what the Italian-American Civil Rights League attempted and failed at: freedom from criticism.

The previous, and far more competent, owner of this blog, tried to keep his identity secret, and still, for some still unknown reason, had to delete the entire blog without leaving so much as a clue why. I can think of no other political criticism the consequences for which are so high.

This is wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with critiquing US policy in the middle east. Those who are trying to claim otherwise are just hiding behind false claims of anti-semitism in order to avoid real debate on the issue.

Unfortunately, quite often it works.

I highly recommend you read the entire post from Steve.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was having a debate with a very funny political blogger, who shall remain nameless, on whether Jews control Hollywood. She's located somewhere in the Midwest so has a lot of experience in the entertainment biz - NOT ;-) Sadly, I do.

I told her to open up the Hollywood Creative Directory (the Yellow Pages of the Industry) to any given page and see what the last names broke down to -- how many Arab/Irish/Scots/Chinese/Indian/Korean names there were -- names like 0' Brian, Kim, Desai, Al Siddiqi or even Smith, then count how many Jewish sounding names there were like Rosenberg, Katzenberg, Gold, Eisner, Weinstein, Redstone -- you get my drift.

Then there are the anglicized ones or the half-Jews like DeLuca, Shaye, Lynne, Murdoch (as in Rupert, his mother was orthodox)

I asked her just to do a statistical analysis of names in the Hollywood Creative Directory and then get back to me. Needless to say, even this innocuous suggestion was greeted with outrage by the PC posters her board. How DARE I point out the statistically obvious???

Was I implying that the Jews had some sort of CONSPIRACY going attempting to say DEMONIZE ARABS to soften-up the public for endless wars in the Middle East???

That was exactly what I was implying -- not even implying, saying flat out.

Why does this matter? Because the entertainment industry has a profound effect on the popular psyche -- how many Jewish Holocaust movies have you seen as opposed to say Armenian Holocaust?

Have you ever seen a sympathetic Arab character in a movie or on television? No: our airwaves and theaters are chock full of warm, smart, witty, if slightly neurotic mensches. Jews never ever do bad things -- they are the heart, soul and funny bone of American society.

Not to say that Jews as a group aren't talented, they are exceptionally talented on average, but they sometimes use that talent to make all Blacks jive-talking ninnies (note that a lot of the writers and producers on *black* shows and movies have suspiciously Jewish sounding last names), Irish are drunks, Italians are thugs, Germans are Nazis, and finally, Arabs are terrorists, every single one.

The good posters on this lady's blog would have laughed at me if I said that Chinese-Americans or Blacks controlled Hollywood and the government -- it's only because I hit the nail on the head thus forcing them to admit the obvious, that their Holocaust sensitivity conditioning, which starts in the US in kindergarten, kicked in.

It is time now to state the obvious before Israel and her supporters in the US draws us into WW III.

11/03/2005 07:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how ignorant and small minded you could possibly be to type out this sort of unsubstantiated and clearly bigoted stuff!?
I hardly think that your basic assumptions for your claims be based on opening up the phone book and casting your eyes over the listings and 'eyeballing' the names gives you the right to make your claims. Show some valid data and then present it in an unbiased view and you mayget people listening to you. Problem is you won't be able to substantiate.
Has it occurred to you that there are many industries where a cultural sub-group is involved in an area more than others? You admit that some groups are more suited to certain tasks than others.
You are also clearly mixing your race and religion comments too! Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc are one thing. Being Jewish is another. I haven't heard of the Jewish country! Jews are from all races and countries in the world. So how does that sit with you?
Perhaps the reason there are no 'good' movies around about Arabs is that there basically isn't much good to say about them. That may sound harsh but hey the viewing public in America (at least) governs what movies get made by who wants to go see them. I might add that the population of america is 95% made up of non-jews. I might add, which groups in the world pay suicide families cash for their kids to blow themselves and (other) innocents up. what other groups in the world hand out lollies when other innocents are murdered and celebrate. what other groups advocate violence as a way of dictating their terms of negotiation? C'mon really. Get real. Wake up.
If Jews are the type of people that get off their asses and take action and control of their future then good for them. How many do you see with conspiracy theory comments sites/blogs like this? They just don't waste their time. They get on with making a positive contribution to the world. Look at the proportion of Nobel Prize winners over the last 100 years (compared to Arabs is another interesting stat) and see the disproportionate amount compared to the population. Gets you thinking positively or it probably gets you thinking about more conspiracy theories!

So next time you put this sort of stuff up, make it fair and honest and then think about the facts.
Go to go know and look up the phone book to see how many 'Smith's' there are and to write up a theory that they are taking over the world. There just can't be that many around without an underlying plan to take over the world.

Clearly there appears a

1/18/2006 01:39:00 AM  

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