Monday, October 31, 2005

Summary of Events to Date

We should all be grateful for the gifts we have received for Fitzmas, as well as the many we gifts have received prior to.

James Wolcott sums these gifts up nicely:

Obviously, there was a spot of news while I was away. I refuse to feel let down that there was only one indictment, though of course more would have been a bonus. I look at it this way: If a year ago, anyone had predicted that Tom DeLay would be under indictment, Bill Frist would be under the microscope on a cheesy stock deal, a guilty plea would have been obtained in the AIPAC scandal, and one of the leading neo-cons--Cheney's #2--would be hit with five indictments and forced to resign--we would have thought the fortune teller was dipping into the cough medicine. So let us give thanks for the statues that have toppled, and hope that more crashes will echo down the hall.

Although some may have hoped for more, the indictment will keep Bush and the neocons in the news cycle as events lead up to the trial. Even if that is the only outcome, it may be enough.

And you never know - a few surprises may still await us.