Wednesday, September 21, 2005

John Bolton and Plamegate

Arianna Huffington continues her excellent coverage of "Plamegate". The latest leak provides a connection to John Bolton by way of Fred Fleitz.

The connection to John Bolton should come as no suprise as we know that he has vistied Judith Miller of the New York Times in jail. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see some of the dots get connected.

Over the years, Fleitz earned a reputation as Bolton's chief enforcer, a swashbuckler willing to go the extra mile to make the intel fit the desired policy -- even if it meant knocking a few heads. And his dual role (serving what he called his "two bosses") put him in the position to pick up -- and deliver to Bolton -- all kinds of information… including, perhaps, the spousal standing of a certain CIA analyst named Valerie. Even though Plame was in operations and Fleitz was in WINPAC, he obviously was in a position to know.

Huffington Post


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