Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Democrats Have Some Work to Do.

I can't recall such a disconnect between the people governing the country and the citizens. With some 57% of the country thinking the war was a mistake, the percentage of Democrats against the war must be off the charts.

Yet, we hear this about Chuck Schumer:

According to my sources, the meeting with Schumer [and Cindy Sheehan] did not go well, to begin with, because he refused to meet with her, and instead sent an aide. She asked the aide if Senator Schumer would help in the effort to bring this war to an end, and the aide replied that: "Senator Schumer thinks this war is good for America." According to the source, Sheehan walked out, remarking "Wel[l], I guess this means Schumer thinks my son's death was good for America." Or words to that effect.

Hillary is similarly supportive of the war.

It is hard to imagine Democrats picking a presidential candiditate that is supportive of the war. Something has got to give.



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