Friday, September 09, 2005

Judith Miller Cracking

The AP and Huffington Post are reporting that Judith Miller is getting a little tired of being in jail and may be looking for a way to disclose her source while saving some face.

Well, according to a source with inside knowledge, it's because there are definitely negotiations under way. "Reuters buried the lede," said my source. "But it's there if you read between the lines... Abrams says that Miller 'made a promise and, unless properly released from her promise by her source, she has no choice but to continue to take the position that she's taking.' He's giving her more outs than an extra-inning baseball game. 'Unless properly released from her promise...' In other words, she's bargaining. All this time she's theoretically been standing on principle, and now she's come down from her principled perch and is bargaining."

The key to this change is the lack of public outcry over her jailing. In fact, the public seems to think she deserves jail, despite the New York Times' efforts to generate public support for her cause.

And Fitzgerald could prosecute her after his investigation closes, meaning there is potentially no end in site for her jail time.

Any disclosure by Ms. Miller would only add to the problems of the Bush administration, which is a good thing. It would also give us more insight into how the Bush public relations machine was operating during the pre-invasion period.

Huffington Post


Anonymous r said...

They are busy Judy, attending to another cover up....learn to knit.

9/09/2005 10:35:00 PM  
Anonymous r said...

Back to business.

Isr is still going to ask US for money for their settlers "re-settlement"..not the whole 2 billion but part of it. The nerve!

Seperately, the neos have revived their Nuclear option of dealing with terriers...this time it says we can use "nukes in a premptive" way..despite the US policy of never being the first to use them...the particulars are on the Global Security site in pdf, I don't have time to go for it now but Brian Gorilla will probably post it soon.
It says we should use this option in our defense and 'defense of our allies"...hummm.. wonder who that would be?
Still plotting to have Iran bombed sounds like to me. Or respond when Isr does it.

As a side note, the US declined Isr's offer of a team to deal with dead bodies in New Orleans, but according to the WSJ article on the elites in the Big Easy, some rich folks had Israeli "security teams" choppered in for personal protection.

9/10/2005 11:02:00 PM  

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