Monday, June 13, 2005

Phase II of Intelligence Investigation

There are many Republicans who are concerned about the war and, in particular, how it will affect their chances for reelection should the public turn sour on it. This is particularly true in the Senate.

Lucky for them, another opportunity exists to identify those were responsible for pulling us into this costly and unproductive war. In particular, there will be a Phase II investigation by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding what went wrong with the intelligence gathering during the build up to invading Iraq. (We hear at GIR II know exactly what went wrong.)

What is interesting is that:

The "office of special plans (OSP)" was off limits to Phase I [Why?] of the committee. People should be pushing hard for Phase II and contacting the chair of that committee republican Senator Pat Roberts and the co-chair Democratic Senator Rockefeller.

Yes, people should be pushing very hard. This is something that both congress and the media should be contacted about.

TRACEBACK<0> Senate Investigation Committe Drops Iraq Intel Investigation



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