Monday, April 16, 2007

The Real Wolfowitz Error

Interesting comments from Richard Cohen at the Huffington Post of the Wolfowitz girlfriend appointment problem at the World Bank:

As Paul Wolfowitz is proving, it turns out all is not fair in love and war. Only war. Take a nation to war for spurious reasons and no one much complains. But arrange a raise for your girlfriend, and you get booed in the atrium of the World Bank and have to visibly sweat in public.

As Henry Kissinger might have told Wolfowitz, kill a million people, no problemo. Show favoritism in the office and it's auf Wiedersehen.


Wolfowitz made an admission of his own regarding Iraq. He told Vanity Fair that the stated reason for the war - all those awful weapons of mass destruction - hardly mattered to him and, it seems, other neo-cons as well. It was merely "the one issue everyone could agree on," he said.



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