Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The NYT Propaganda Machine

Mary Wheeler has some strong statements for the NYT and their latest attempt to cover up the criminal reporting by Judith Miller prior to the invasion of Iraq.

But the cry [of impatience with reporter privilege] rings false, Max. You don't understand the issues at hand. For example, it's not that we liberals have lost patience for reporters privilege. And our eagerness to have Judy testify came not just from a desire to see Cheney and Libby exposed.

Rather, it comes from a desire to see you [the NYT] exposed. It is time that the NYT stops pretending that it stands on the side of the public, as passive unwilling dupes of this Administration. It is time that the NYT stops laughing off the role of Miller and Gordon and Tyler and Raines and Keller and now Frankel in bringing this country to war on a pack of lies. It is time the NYT stops claiming these were leaks, rather than willful cooperation in the publication of propaganda.

Given that Bill Clinton was impeached for something quite silly, I don't see any problem with Libby going to jail for "just" perjury.

However, it was clearly much more than just perjury. It was true obstruction of justice, as she explains in the article.

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