Monday, April 16, 2007

Dictatorial Power

Glenn Greenwald reports that Neocon Michael Goldfarb thinks the president has near dictorial powers when it comes to foreign policy:

[A]pparently, the American Founders risked their lives and fortunes in order to wage war against Great Britain and declare independence from the King -- all in order to vest "near dictatorial power" in the American President in all matters of foreign policy and national security. And, of course, for the Michael Goldfarbs of the world, "war" and "national security" -- and the "near dictatorial power" vested in the President in those areas -- now encompasses virtually every government action, since scary and dangerous Muslims are lurking everywhere, on every corner, and the entire world is one big "battlefield" in the "War on Terrorism," including U.S. soil.

This just seem wrong on the basis that congress must declare war, if nothing else.


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