Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Honesty About APAIC

Here is why you can't fight against the War in Iraq/Iran without discussing AIPAC and Israel's supporters in the US:

I have been told by leaders of the peace movement that AIPAC is a distraction from the main thrust of the antiwar movement. And so we should not engage it; AIPAC is to be immune. But with all due respect to the sentiments of that leadership, immunity for AIPAC is a prescription for disaster. To use a military analogy, which I do not especially like, suppose that we were trying to take a hill in Germany in 1944. And suppose we said that we would not attack one pillbox, which kept devastating our forces. Leave just that one pillbox alone! The result would be devastating; we would be cut down with every succeeding attempt at advance. So it is with AIPAC which campaigns relentlessly for war on Iraq, war on Iran, war on Syria, war on Lebanon and the slow genocide of the Palestinian people. AIPAC constantly puts the peace movement on the defensive while it is free to be on the offensive all the time.

I use a similar analogy for the Neocons. It is important to understand their motives on Israel, because motives are an important part of solving any crime. You can't solve a murder without knowing the motives of the suspects.

Thus, I am not focusing on the Israel issue because I have some obsession with it. I am concerned with Neocon support for Israel because it is necessary to understand the motivations of all the actors in this "drama".