Friday, March 24, 2006

The Tactics Become Clear

It is becoming quite clear that the extreme Zionist swarm will not elect to debate the Walt-Mearsheimer paper on its merits, but rather they will continue to smear it by trying to associate it with other unsavory, but completely unrelated, entities.

Dershowitz is currently pointing out (in the NY Sun) that many damaging quotes and citations in the Walt-Mearsheimer paper can also be found on anti-Semitic web sites.

So what?

If the quotes are accurate that is all that matters.

The example they cite is a damaging, but praiseworthy, admission for former New York Times editor Max Frankel regarding his inability to be unbias in his coverage of Middle East issues. The quotes can also be found on "neo-nazi" web sites.

Again, so what?

The fact that they have elected this argument as their first line of attack means they have not found much else to go after. They is a very good sign for Walt-Mearsheimer.

What is also interesting is that one of the main complaints against Dershowitz's book A case for Israel by Norman Finkelstien is that he copied large numbers of quotes from a less than reputable Zionist book by Joan Peters, From Time Immemorial. The book FTI has been called a "hoax" by Normal Finelstien here.

Steve Sailer has additional discussion here


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For a description of the ridiculous Wall Street Journal response to Mearsheimerand Walt see

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