Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CS Monitor on Israel Lobby Report

The Christian Science Monitor covers the Israel Lobby report. The coverage is reasonable.

One interesting note is that the article demonstrates that Walt-Mearsheimer have shown good judgment in the past. In particular, Walt-Mearsheimer questioned the war on Iraq back in 2003 and predicted many of the outcomes we are seeing today.

In the Jan./Feb. 2003 edition of Foreign Policy, Walt and Mearsheimer wrote "An unnecessary war," which questioned the major rationales being offered at the time by the Bush administration for war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

If the United States is, or soon will be, at war with Iraq, Americans should understand that a compelling strategic rationale is absent. This war would be one the Bush administration chose to fight but did not have to fight. Even if such a war goes well and has positive long-range consequences, it will still have been unnecessary. And if it goes badly – whether in the form of high US casualties, significant civilian deaths, a heightened risk of terrorism, or increased hatred of the United States in the Arab and Islamic world – then its architects will have even more to answer for.

So they clearly posses better judgment than the neocons in the Bush administration.

CS Monitor


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