Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woodward Bombs

Arrianna discusses the Fitzgerald investigation and Bob Woodward's "bomb" that he knew Valerie Plame was a CIA asset.

I called Carl Bernstein to ask what he thought of his old partner’s behavior. He was loyal as ever but he did say something very revealing -- and unintentionally damning. “This investigation,” he told me, “has cast a constant searchlight that the White House can’t turn off the way it has succeeded in turning off the press. So their methodology and their dishonesty and their disingenuousness -- particularly about how we went to war -- as well as their willingness to attack and rough up people who don’t agree with them are now there for all to see. They can’t turn off this searchlight, which is shining on a White House that runs a media apparatus so sophisticated in discrediting its critics it makes the Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Ziegler press shop look like a small-time operation.” And these are the very thugs that Woodward was protecting while attacking the guy operating the searchlight.

Bob has not comported himself very well in this instance.



Blogger kei said...

Xymphora has some ideas about Woodward being like Walter Pincus (that is, a designated plant or CIA voicebox), that all his journalistic glories are manipulations, and that the great scandalling of Nixon was actual ruling caste infighting facilitated, not exposed, by our infallible media (Nixon got on the wrong side of the powers that be).

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