Monday, August 29, 2005

Slip of the Tongue

Paul Craig Roberts thinks Bush has tipped his hand as to why we are in Iraq:

Perhaps Bush supplied the answer in his reference in his weekly radio address to "our efforts in . . .the broader Middle East."

What are our efforts "in the broader Middle East"?

The only American efforts "in the broader Middle East" that have been defined are in the policy writings of Bush's neoconservative advisers who cooked up the invasion of Iraq. For the neocons, our efforts are in behalf of Israel's security.

The neocons' belief that Israel is made more secure by US military aggression in the Middle East is delusional. How is Israel made secure by an invasion that turns the Muslim world against America as all polls show and Iraq into a training ground for al Qaeda, as the CIA says has happened?

Now, there may have been other reasons for going into Iraq - oil, money, politics, personal vendettas, etc., but the most vocal, active and dishonest influence was that of the neocons.



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