Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Is AIPAC Targeting Lynn Woolsey?

This comment claims that AIPAC and other zionist organizations may be targeting Democrat Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (6th District, Marin County) in the upcoming primary.

Woolsey is being targeted because two votes she made were not "approved" by AIPAC.

Her challenger is Joe Nation. Joe's policy position on Iraq can be found here. He claims to oppose the Iraq war, but he wants a "private" timetable for withdrawal. In other words, he is in no hurry to get out of Iraq.

As of June 30th, Nation has received substantial funding for someone challenging an incumbent -- around $150,000 -- mostly from lawyers, investors and real estate types. Nation has not received much out of state funding, which would indicate a national group such as AIPAC has focused on this race.

Funding by Jewish individuals (obviously just a guestimate using last names) is significant, but not overwhelming.

You can see the list of 138 contribuors to Joe Nations's campaign as of June 30 here.

My sense is that there is at least one group that wants Lynn Woolsey removed. An incumbent just doesn't get this kind of well financed challenger without having stepped on some toes.

This will be an interesting race to watch.

Lynn Woolsey for Congress


Blogger Brian said...

Just for the heck of it I went through the list.

There are 30 likely Jewish Donations (some doubles becuase they gave more than one contribution). At an average of 900/donation it comes to $27,000.

The represents about 24% of all donations and about 18% of all money.

Not really enough to reach a conclusion.

01. Berkowitz, MyraBerkowitz, Myra
02. Blumberg, David
03. Frankenstein, George
04. Freeman, Michael A M.D.
05. Freiberg, Jeffrey L
06. Ginsburg, Daniel E
07. Ginsburg, Daniel E
08. Goldberg, Lawrence Y
09. Herzog, Max K
10. Kaufman, Barbara
11. Kaufman, Ronald H
12. Kaufman, Steven J
13. Kertzman, Julie O
14. Kertzman, Julie O
15. Kolb, Felix O M.D.
16. Kolb, Susan L
17. Krystal, Jack
18. Libitzky, Moses S
19. Lilienthal, John G
20. Nemzer, Kenneth P
21. Ritch, Joel
22. Ritch, Joel
23. Rosenberg, Richard M
24. Rosenberg-Zimmerman, Betsy S
25. Roth, Hadden
26. Schwartz, Michael L
27. Seltzer, James J
28. Wasserman, Jeffrey (RAND Corporation)
29. Zack, Howard B
30. Zlot, Harold

9/27/2005 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIPAC can't touch Woolsey. They tried to go after Jim Moran in Virginia and he came back hard and won.
Their only recent successes have ben against African-American House Reps in Alabama and Georgia where the incumbents could not compete with the out-of-state money.
AIPAC is cowardly and only goes after weak opponents.
It's power to defeat incumbents is a myth. And it's a myth AIPAC perpetuates.

9/27/2005 07:45:00 PM  

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