Thursday, April 14, 2005

Iran Freedom Foundation -- More Info

It's very interesting to note that the Iran Freedom Foundation has its Internet domain name registered under a "proxy" registration service -- so that they don't have to divulge a point of contact. They do list an address for their office on their website, but it's curious that the domain was originally registered under a proxy -- seems it might have been done to conceal the individual or organization who originally registered it, before the paperwork to set up the Delaware corporation and file with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) was in place.

This isn't common for think tanks and advocacy organizations. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and Brookings both have normal registrations, listing street addresses, though it's interesting to point out that the neocon-linked Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) doesn't, and they don't have a street address on their website. (The WHOIS service doesn't accept direct links, but you can check this out for yourself at this URL.)

The Iran Freedom Foundation does list an address on their site of 1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006 -- though that building is actually in the 20036 zip code. Maybe a typo? Or maybe whoever did the text for the website isn't that familiar with the area? I haven't been able to link that address to any PR or lobbying firms. However, another listing for them has the same address as the Whitman Strategy Group, which is in the 20006 zip code. Maybe they just got their own office space? Maybe they are or were clients of the Whitman Strategy Group, since several of their clients seem to use their address. Their
funding prospectus and "plan of action" can be found here, at this old address. Note well how the end of Jerome Corsi's "freedom walk" is shortly before the Iranian elections, and how this corresponds to the "attack in June 2005" report from Scott Ritter on Air America earlier this week. [If anyone who works in downtown DC can reconnoiter these locations on foot and report back, that would be much appreciated. I won't have time to do so myself Friday.]

Before anyone from the other side points it out -- yes, I am blogging anonymously, as many others do. I'm also not buying TV ads, or registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS, or trying to hoodwink the American people into another unnecessary war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across the Iran Freedom Foundation when googling the phone number from a DNS registration for This site appears to be stealing elements of the American Medical Association's logo and says American Medical Association at the top of the page. The site's purpose is to get people to contact their congresspeople in favor of tort and medicare reform.The actual AMA site does not list this outfit as a group. Both DNS registration show no address other than Herndon VA and the same phone number. The IFF registrant is Robert Hahn (of the AEI?). The PAN registrant is a communications company.

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