Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Impact of Gaza

Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza taking out Universities and Hospitals. This is after two years of embargo where a collective punishment has been carried out on 1.5 million people.

All this happens while settlements continue on the West Bank and the average income is these area are $1000/mo or less.

While these war crimes are deplorable, it is the fact that they are using US weapons, money and support to conduct these operations. The arab world knows this and we will become a target of any retribution. The result is that US society will lose vaulable civil rights and freedoms, become less open and undergo great expense to be 'safe.'

Is other words, we will begin to resemble Israel is some unfortunate ways.

When the next attack occurs remember this when someone tries to tell you they did it because they 'hate our freedom.'


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