Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israel Still Spying

I thought Israel is claiming that in no longer spies on the United States?

The following story indicates (again) that this is highly doubtful and that the consequences for being caught are virtually nil.

Readers of my columns in TAC and at antiwar might recall that I have been inquiring about the status of Israeli spy Ben-Ami Kadish, who was arrested in April and has since fallen into a black hole, with no record of any continuing judicial process and no mention in the MSM. I suggested that those who spy for Israel appear to have a “get out of jail free” card as there is seldom any aggressive prosecution of their cases. I have recently learned that Kadish, who is free on bail in spite of the considerable risk that he would flee to Israel, had been granted a number of delays by the presiding judge. Yesterday he appeared in court and guilty to the single charge of failing to register as an agent of Israel. The charges of espionage and obstruction of justice were dismissed and the prosecution has indicated that it will not oppose a no-prison time punishment when Kadish is actually sentenced next month.



Blogger Randolph said...

I must answer this half-truth. Kadish is 85 years old. The federal prison system is not set up as an elder care facility. The offenses he is charged with occurred twenty years ago. Today, Israel no longer collects intelligence covertly in the USA, as it has stated.

Now that the Justice Department has its long suspected "second man", Jonathan Pollard should be released from prison where he has been held as a hostage to force him to tell what he obviously did not know. Pollard committed a crime but unlike Aldrich Ames, Edward Lee Howard the Walker family and other spies, he did nothing to harm the United States.

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