Thursday, December 06, 2007

Illegal Donation by Friends of Israel

Very strange scandal coming out of England involving David Abrahams, member of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) a British Lobby group for our favorite little nation in the Middle East.

Labour officials helped lawyers acting for David Abrahams to draw up complex covenants that allowed the millionaire businessman to pay up to £650,000 indirectly to the party, the Guardian has learned.


It is understood that Labour officials were well aware that the arrangement exploited what they believed was a loophole in Labour's recently passed legislation, the 2000 Political Parties Act, so as not to reveal Abrahams' identity.[Why?]


Abrahams had high-ranking friends among the Labour Friends of Israel and the charitable world, where many of Labour's donors come from.

Abrahams claim that he wanted to keep his life "private" does not hold water. This may have been a donation for business interests or to give him influence with regard to England's relationship with Israel.

Neither is very attractive.




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