Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Vote Against Israel

I must have missed this incredible statement from Steve Clemons of the Washington Note about the failed John Bolton nomination to the UN.

During the "third" major effort by the administration to get John Bolton confirmed as US Ambassador to the United Nations, one of the shocking parts of that battle was not only trying to get Republicans like former Senator Lincoln Chafee to stand strong against Bolton -- but to undo the damage that Schumer was doing inside the Democratic Caucus.

Two Democratic Senators involved in that part of the Bolton battle -- one on the Foreign Relations Committee and one not -- told me personally that Senator Schumer called them to say "a vote against Bolton is a vote against Israel."

Well, who does Schumer work for? The United States or Israel? And how ridiculous is that statement anyway?! Democrats and Republicans both have been excellent stewards of the US-Israel relationship in the United Nations. To personalize the national security issues between America and the Israelis was a sloppy, reckless mistake by Schumer -- one that he and everyone now involved in this Mukasey matter should remember.

Now we have the news that Schumer and Feinstein are voting to approve Mukasey in the face of enormous opposition from the Democratic base due to his failure to call waterboarding torture.

Now you know what there motivations are, or at least schumer's are. They will support the president on this war on terror becuase they think it is good for Israel. They will pretend to be opposed to it, but when the rubber meets the road they will support the war effort under some form of pretext.

The Washington Note


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