Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preventing All Dialog

The New York Media is trying to prevent Ahmadinejad from speaking in NY. If this is how they act, should they really have the UN there?

Why can't we hear Ahmadinejad speak? Maybe he wants to open up a dialog? Maybe he can explain something or correct a misunderstanding?

But that might prevent and attack on Iran, and that would be a disaster.

One thing is for sure, the Media and the neocons are making a joke of the concept of freedom of speech, and making America look very hypocritical.

Even Scott Adams has something to say about that:

If Ahmadinejad thinks he can be our friend by honoring our heroes and opening a dialog, he underestimates our ability to misinterpret him.

Fucking idiot. I hate him.

Well said.



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