Saturday, March 10, 2007

AIPAC Wants To Keep Iran in the Hands of Bush

Mattthew Yglesias reports on AIPAC direct lobbying effort to keep the decision to attack Iraq in the hands of George Bush, rather than in congress where it is constitutionally placed.

Hawkish pro-Israel lawmakers are pushing to strike a provision slated for the war spending bill that would, with some exceptions, require the president to seek congressional approval before using military force in Iran.

The influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee also is working to keep the language out, said an aide to a pro-Israel lawmaker.

This is a direct an admission that The Lobby is dedicated only to the well being of another country, and that Lobby pushed to have America get involved in another war.

I don't want to hear any claims that, once bombing has started, that the Israel Lobby was not involved in this process. The Zionists and their supporters have pushed America into the war with Iran. The evidence here is overwhelming.




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