Saturday, December 09, 2006

Shocking Even To Me

Sometimes when I wonder if I am paranoid, an event comes along that tells me I am not paranoid enough.

When I heard that the Brookings Institue was "proudly" hosting Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's highest ranking ethnic cleaner, even I was suprised.

Despite the vitriol of this hatemonger, the Brookings Institution is proudly hosting the former nightclub bouncer on his upcoming trip to Washington. Officials at the Institution said they were "honored" to host Lieberman's first address abroad since joining the government.

What is next, Milosovich on the Bosnia "turmoil"? David Duke on the US inner city "turmoil?" I am sure they have similar solutions.

You should follow this link and read the entire article, which is short.



Anonymous On your side said...

Slurring 'David Duke' - a common and easy way to justify yourself when you discuss issues that are easily and commonly labelled racist or antisemitic.

Don't internalise the antigentilism and anti-white racism of your political targets, or try to gain points with those who consider you an ethnic-enemy by echoing their attacks on dissidents.

Duke's opinions on racial politics are a result of extensive research, and if he's wrong in his judgements then a considered and sourced reply is appropriate. Appealing to prejudice inculcated by media dominance of relevant issues -particularly for a blogger with your opinions- looks morally dodgy.

Quote Duke, and explain why you attacked him.

12/16/2006 04:38:00 PM  

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