Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Myth Shattered

One stock response to the claim that Iraq war was a war for Israel is that Douglas Feith et al. were only connected to Likud, and that others in Israel were opposed or indifferent to the war, hence the formation of the Kadima party.

For example one attempt at squid ink in the NYT Magazine article I discuss here is that Ariel Sharon did not agree with the Neocons, thus Israel did not support the Iraq war.

Leaving aside the fact that is still troubling that a party within Israel could influence US foreign policy, it looks like this argument no longer holds water.

Apparently, Ehud Olmert is reading pages from the neocon playbook as well.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Iraq war was a boon for Israel's security, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Wednesday, voicing fresh endorsement for a Bush administration sapped by the unpopularity at home of its Middle East policies.


"I stand with the president because I know that Iraq without Saddam Hussein is so much better for the security and safety of Israel, and all of the neighbors of Israel without any significance to us," added Olmert, who was speaking in English.

The argument that Israel was against the Iraq war was weak to begin with. Now , with the acting Prime Minister of Israel supporting the invasion of Iraq, it is impossible.

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Blogger truthseeker said...

"Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990--it's the threat against Israel," said Zelikow, the Bush political hack who worked for the NSC, the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

Philip Zelikow explains, "I'll tell you what the real threat [is] and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel. And this is the threat that dares not speak its name because...the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically because it's not a popular sell

the Neocon (War for Israel) agenda"

Video that gets to the Israel question

Iran Says It Will Build Nuclear Reactor Without Help Of IAEA (scroll down to page 1 of comments section)

11/24/2006 03:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq is a diversion. As the army attacks Iraq, the US gov't erodes rights at home by suspending habeas corpus, stealing private lands, banning books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, America Deceived (book) rigging elections, conducting warrantless wiretaps and starting 2 illegal wars based on lies. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier) and the US will invade Iran, (on behalf of Israel).

11/25/2006 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger ISRAOIL said...
Old bits of a movie--just superimpose--Bush Chenny Rove on the characters faces.
Please do see it and pass it on---How about the photoshop experts helping out.
Note: The Russian/Polish thugs are running U.S. of Israel

11/25/2006 08:41:00 AM  

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