Monday, December 18, 2006

Meyrav Wurmser

Incredible quotes from Dr. Meyrav Wurmser, wife of David Wurmser who is still serving under Dick Cheney.

In the meantime you left the US inside Iraq?

"We did not bring the US into Iraq in such a way. Our biggest war which we lost was the idea that before entering Iraq we must train an exile Iraqi government and an Iraqi military force, and hand over the rule to them immediately after the occupation and leave Iraq. That was our idea and it was not accepted."

Your man was Ahmed Chalabi, who was later suspected of spying for Iran?

"That is true, but we didn’t want him as a dictator but as a person in a government that will act democratically… We must help the current democratic government. The borders with Iran and Syria should have been blocked immediately when we entered Iraq. Now it's already a disaster."

They wanted to impose an exile government, but have it "act democratically". The contradiction is obvious, but so it the naiveté. What little thinking they are doing is with their “heart” (which is obviously with Israel), rather than their head, or with US interests in mind.


This serves as further evidence that the plan set forth in "The Clean Break" paper was and still is the guiding force behind Neocon thinking. We see that regime change is Syria is still very important to these players.

What threat does Syria pose to the US? Absolutely none. Why can't we even "talk" to Syria? Because peace might actually break out, but it will not be the peace of dominance that the Neocons want.



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