Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blocking the Exit

This is as close as you are going to get to an admission that AIPAC and the 'Jewish Lobby' (his term, not mine), are working for Israel against the interests of the US.

Olmert is foiling any possible progress on peace negotiations] : On his way home from Los Angeles, the prime minister "calmed" the reporters - and perhaps even himself - by saying there is no danger of U.S. President George W. Bush accepting the expected recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton panel, and attempting to move Syria out of the axis of evil and into a coalition to extricate America from Iraq. The prime minister hopes the Jewish lobby can rally a Democratic majority in the new Congress to counter any diversion from the status quo on the Palestinians.

So, Israel's desire to postpone the peace process indefinitely is in direct conflict with our (the US') desire to resolve the situation in Iraq. Olmert is admitting as much here, and he is expressly hoping that the "Jewish Lobby" will assert pressure that is against the direct interests of the US in hopes that the interests of Israel will be upheld.

Now, if he is doing anything more than 'hoping', such as having someone from Israel mention to someone from AIPAC that they want them to oppose the Baker-Hamilton plan, then AIPAC should register as the agent of a foreign government.

And this doesn't even go into the constant drum beat from Israel and its supports to get the US involved in Iran, which is also clearly against US interests, particularly in light of the mess taking place in Iraq.



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