Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lecture on 'The Lobby" cancelled due to ADL pressure

A lecture by historian Tony Judt has been cancelled due to pressure by the ADL and Abe Foxman. Tony Judt is a strong and effective critic of Israel and the Israeli Lobby in the US. He is also Jewish.

By doing this the ADL is confirming one of the theses of Walt-Mersheshiemer paper - that The Lobby that critics of Israel will be silenced by threat of consequence.

And apparently mere criticism of Israel is enough for action by the ADL. The ADL no longer feels it necessary to provide actual evidence of anti-Semitism.

Here is someone’s personal comment on Judt:

Although generally, and rather proudly, a lifelong "man of the left," Judt is one of the few prominent academics today who actually enjoys being around clever people who disagree with him: his Remarque Institute is a tiny little oasis of freedom of speech in American academe. [...]

And now Judt's been blacklisted himself by the neocon lobby as an "anti-semite." How utterly absurd--aside from the fact Judt himself is Jewish, his Remarque Institute regularly hosts *Holocaust Studies seminars*, for pete's sake! It's their bread and butter!

Oh, I shudder for freedom of speech in America. Are there any oases left?

I agree.

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