Monday, June 26, 2006

McGovern on Drumheller and the CIA

Ray McGovern discusses the Drumheller disclosure:

Tyler Drumheller [...] is now spelling out chapter-and-verse the deceitful "intelligence" adduced by "Slam Dunk" George Tenet and his "if-you-say-so" deputy John McLaughlin. Sunday's Washington Post article by Joby Warrick has Drumheller elaborating on the raging dispute within the CIA over the credibility of a defector labeled (appropriately) "Curveball." Curveball is the source of bogus stories about "biological weapons trailers" to which then-Secretary of State Colin Powell gave such prominence in his (in)famous speech on Feb. 5, 2003, at the UN: "We have firsthand descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and rails."


What is truth? The president wants war, and we're here to help. Besides, Curveball's reporting is no worse than the other cockamamie garbage we've given Powell to say. We'll win this war handily; the Iraqis will welcome us with cut flowers and open arms. We'll be in the Middle East big time, sitting on all that Iraqi oil and building permanent military bases, having deposed a "ruthless dictator" and eliminated a sworn enemy of Israel – now tell me, who is going to come along at that point and fault us for using bogus intelligence?

This is a good discussion of the CIA and worth reading.


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