Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Office of Iranian Affairs is Open for Business

The Office of Special Plans is reopening its doors at the Office of Iranian Affairs.

We already have a false story about Iran religious clothing laws, a misquote of the Iranian president regarding "wiping Israel off the map." We also have exaggerated stories of Iran's impending WMDs.

Expect more to come.

According to Laura Rozen of the Los Angeles Times, the Office of Special Plans has been reincarnated as the Office of Iranian Affairs, apparently housed in the same Pentagon offices inhabited by its predecessor and involving some of the same slimy personnel. Notably, Abram Shulsky, who headed the OSP under Douglas Feith, is back. His crew will be reporting to none other than Elizabeth Cheney, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, and daughter of the Vice President. Dick Cheney is generally understood to be the strongest advocate for an attack on Iran in the administration. (He is also, by the way, architect of Bush's "signing statements" appended to laws entitling him to ignore them. He is the man behind the throne, surrounded by neocon acolytes.)

As I wrote last November, "it is too soon to speak of the 'twilight of the neocons' while [John] Hannah, [Stephen] Hadley, [William] Luti, [David] Wurmser, Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, John Negroponte and other neocons remain in power, with [Michale] Ledeen and [Abram] Shulsky still skulking about."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran has a valid economic case for developing nuclear energy, which is why the US and the European encouraged and supported Iran's nuclear program -- read the articles from the 1970s to see for yourself at http://iranaffairs.typepad.com

6/04/2006 10:30:00 AM  

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