Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Israel's Demographic Problem

No one dare discuss demographics in the US. For example, Bill Kristol just lambasted certain elements of the Republican party for their stance on illegal immgration.

But the demographics of Israel? That's another question entirely.

From left to right, the manifestos of all the Zionist parties during the recent Israeli election campaign contained policies which they claimed would counter the ‘demographic problem’ posed by the Palestinian presence in Israel. Ariel Sharon proposed the pull-out from Gaza as the best solution to it; the leaders of the Labour Party endorsed the wall because they believed it was the best way of limiting the number of Palestinians inside Israel. Extra-parliamentary groups, too, such as the Geneva Accord movement, Peace Now, the Council for Peace and Security, Ami Ayalon’s Census group and the Mizrachi Democratic Rainbow all claim to know how to tackle it.

Iian Pappe - LRB


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