Friday, May 20, 2005

The Never Ending WW II Analogy

Some comments on this blog have suggested that, like Iraq, deception was used to get the US involved in WWII.

While that subject is too large for this forum, there is an excellent article about "WW II worship" in the Seattle Times.


The first [lesson] is that some political leaders and movements, like Hitler and his National Socialists, are so evil that to try to understand them or deal with them is futile and morally contemptible. Essentially, every time we hear the term "appeasement" — Rush Limbaugh said yesterday morning that Europe is "appeasing Iran" — we connect to this.

That is, all circumstances are viewed through either the WW II or Viet Nam box, it seems.

Clearly the American people think war should be reserved for critical US interests and security. Otherwise, Bush (read neocons) would not have bothered making up the WMD story; he would have just said - we are going into Iraq to make the Middle East safe for Israel, whose supporters make huge campaign contributions to both parties. (OK, he wouldn't have said that last part).

There is nothing horrible about limiting war efforts to causes that are in your countries best interests. You should never feel guilty about taking that position.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's technically the best, and morally the worst and most reprehensible, kind of propaganda -Goebbels never achieved such heights. You define yourself the "good guys" and everyone else the "bad guys" - look at American soldiers in Iraq, they haven't the slightest idea why they're getting killed over there, but when interviewed they all (like zombies) repeat that they're fighting the "bad guys"... Once the subservient media parrots this auto-definition, and instills it in the "minds" of the mindless, then no matter what you do (kill 100,000 civilians in Iraq to bring "democracy" = the corporations rip-off their oil) you're doing the RIGHT thing and Jezas loves you. What a load of poop. A perfect example of the ignorant masses being manipulated by ...

5/20/2005 04:30:00 PM  
Blogger chaudes said...

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5/20/2005 06:08:00 PM  
Blogger MDH said...

The Iraq war was by no stretch of the imagination in the best interest of the US...
1. We have never been told the true reason for this preplanned war...we can only guess. Iraq was not a threat to the US.
2.We are borrowing money to pay for the war. The US derived its international standing in the world because of our economy and stable political system. Both of which have been seriously weakened by this war.
3. The military is being broken which weakens our national defense.
The list can go on...but the biggest crime is the unnecessary deaths, of US soldiers, Iraqis, coalition soldiers and the ongoing deaths of so many.
I am waiting for those to come forward whose interests this war was declared is time

5/21/2005 02:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is precisely James Petras's thesis. Here's a particularly hard-hitting paragraph.

James Petras

In effect the US imperial attack of Iraq can be understood as a surrogate war for a regional power, designed and executed by influential policy-makers whose primary allegiance is to defend the interests of the regional power. The Zionist zealots have incorporated the same pathological style of mass paranoid politics prevalent in Israel to the US: the politics of permanent terrorist threats, of pervasive fear, of a hostile world, of unreliable allies… The Zionist zealots have led the ideological charge poisoning relations with France and other European countries which fail to respond favorable to the bloody repression of occupied peoples. No policy group has done more to weaken the sustainability of the US Empire than the Zionist zealots in government and the massive well-financed pro-Israel networks through the US. The Congress, the Executive branch, state and local governments, and national and local media have all come under the influence of the Jewish “lobby's” pro-Israel agenda to the point that none or few dare to criticize Israel or its US representatives.

5/22/2005 06:42:00 PM  

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