Friday, May 13, 2005

Classic GIR Posts

I have been back filling the old posts and would like to take the time to highlight a few that are worth reading, months after their first publication.

First is the Serving two Flags post. This post exposes how lax the US when it comes to obvious security threats if those threats are from Israel or Israeli sympathizers.

Second is the Neocons and Oil post. This post highlights the ignorance of the neocons when it comes to another policy matter - oil. (Their ignorance is this area, however, should not be confused with their apparent mastery of Washington power politics.)

And finally, the web traffic post where GIR I predicts that Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman were going to be featured prominately in the news. He made that prediction when many others thought the whole matter would die quietly.

Take some time and read these posts again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


At a time when the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is being investigated for its role in an espionage case involving Larry Franklin, a Pentagon and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official indicted for passing top secret classified information to two AIPAC officials and possibly the government of Israel, a senator who is bought and paid for by AIPAC—Republican Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota—has decided to change the subject and point to newly elected Respect Party Member of Parliament George Galloway as receiving oil funds from Saddam Hussein.

Coleman, with pro-AIPAC Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman, is using the Senate Permanent Sub-committee on Investigations to rehash charges that foreign and even U.S. officials financially benefited from the United Nations' Oil for Food program. These charges, which later were proven false, first surfaced in the neoconservative controlled London-based Daily Telegraph, owned by the Hollinger Corporation, a company that had financial ties to arch-neoconservative Richard Perle. The charges by both the Daily Telegraph and now Coleman's committee are based on documents as bogus as the Niger yellowcake documents and those proffered by Curveball and Chalabi about Iraq's fantasized weapons of mass destruction. Galloway successfully sued the Telegraph for libel over its baseless Oil for Food allegations against him.

What has Coleman's panties in a twist is the fact that in the recent British elections, Galloway, who was expelled from the Labor Party for his anti-Iraq war and anti-Bush politics, made easy work of his Labor Party opponent and Tony Blair sycophant, Oona King, an African-Jewish daughter of—ironically—an African-American draft evader from the Vietnam War. King was one of Tony Blair's most ardent supporters for his decision to join Bush in a genocidal war against Iraq. For that, she earned the support of the international neoconservative network of influence holders and peddlers that can, according to a senior Bush administration official, create their own reality because of their ownership of much of the international media.

However, King also earned the enmity of her large Muslim constituency in East London's Bethnal Green and Bow district. They rejected King and threw their political weight behind Galloway.

5/15/2005 12:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GIR II/Brian


A maverick Scottish politician who was kicked out of Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour party for his outspoken opposition to the Iraq war, Galloway won a ferocious campaign for parliament last week in Bethnal Green, east London, where some street signs are in Bengali.

A U.S. Senate committee report said Galloway received an allocation to export 20 million barrels of Iraqi oil, personally approved by the former dictator, whom he visited several times in the 1990s as a long-standing opponent of U.N. sanctions.

"Rubbish," said Shakil Ahmed, proprietor of Bashir and Sons tailors on the neighborhood's main street, Brick Lane. "We've heard it all before. He won his election fair and square."

According to the Senate report, Saddam-approved export rights under the United Nations oil-for-food program could have been sold to traders for 30 cents a barrel, netting millions of dollars intended to be spent on food aid for Iraqis.

Galloway denies he took any money from Saddam and has sued and won libel judgments against two newspapers that printed similar accusations in the past.

Oona King, the Labour MP ousted by anti-war rebel George Galloway, said today that she was regularly abused as a "yid" and a "Jewish bitch" during an ill-tempered election campaign.

Ms King lost her Bethnal Green and Bow seat in London’s East End by just 823 votes after Mr Galloway's criticism of the Iraq war won the support of the large Muslim minority in the constituency. The seat had previously been held by Labour since 1924.

5/15/2005 12:50:00 AM  
Anonymous r said...

Re: the Franklin AIPAC affair

..just thought I would mention that in the NYT there is a blip concerning the info that Franklin passed to the AIPAC guys...

..previously it had been reported that the info " was concerning attacks on troops in Iraq" at least one news article is saying the info concerned "attacks on "Israeli" operatives in Northern Iraq"...which does make more sense as to why Franklin was handing it over to the Israelis.

..everyone knows the Israelis have been in Iraq from the start, the US just won't offically admit it....

5/15/2005 11:14:00 PM  
Anonymous r said...

BTW.....regarding the Israelis operating in Iraq...the targeted killings of various non political well respected academics and scientist in Iraq some time ago makes no sense for rank and file only makes sense if you are trying to fracture everything that would help Iraq society to progress more rapidly and smoothly into it's own as a state, not three seperate states as some people would like to see....the insurgents are creating chaos to get the US out...others are creating chaos to keep the US in....

5/15/2005 11:35:00 PM  

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