Friday, February 22, 2008

Bush Administration Justice

A little off topic, but the Bush administraion has been more prone to abuse power than any other administration I can think of, including the Nixon administration.

Two examples are worth mentioning, although there are many.

This first is the prosecution of Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama. There is a lot more of that here.

The other, more interesting case, is the decision of the former chief military prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay to testify as a defense witness for the driver of Osama bin Laden.

Yes, you read that right.

Air Force Col. Morris Davis, resigned in October over alleged political interference in the U.S. military tribunals.

Now, if you have have chosen a career as a military prosecutor, handling the highest profile case(s) in the nation is a dream come true. It is a ticket to success at virtually anything else you want to do, including making big money at a NY law firm or going into politics. If you see a problem, you are going to do everything you can
to work around it, or work with it.

Thus, for Morris Davis to resign means there is something deeply wrong with the process taking place at Guantanamo. That is a scary thought, as Bush is asking for the right to wiretap without warrants as well as a whole host of other extraordinary powers which are open to abuse.