Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nazi-Like Law of Return

Here is a great post from Philip Weiss on Zionism and the law of return.

The post-Holocaust west is a utopia for Jews. Jews must recognize this and celebrate this, and deal with the consequences. Herzl's vision of political Zionism was based on a belief in the undying antisemitism of the west. It just ain't true. 2, Political Zionism has run its course. A state based on the idea that I can move there tomorrow and a Palestinian born there has no right to move home is dedicated to an outmoded ideology. 3, Zionism is exacting a terrible price on Jewish identity.




Anonymous Pamela said...

political Zionism was based on a belief in the undying antisemitism of the west. It just ain't true

ya think?

Attacks against Jews double in 2006 report reveals

Report prepared by Tel Aviv University reveals anti-Semitic acts increased in 2006; physical attacks doubled

Vered Luvitch
Published: 04.15.07, 14:26 /

The number of anti-Semitic acts around the world, especially in Europe, registered a large increase during 2006.

According to a report, 590 acts of vandalism and violence were committed during 2006 against Jewish people, property and institutes such as synagogues and cemeteries.

Defiled Jewish Cemetary
Jewish cemetery in Bucharest desecrated / Attila Somfalvi
Local Jewish resident discovers extensive destruction at graveyard, but police says perpetrators were children
Full story

The number of physical attacks against Jews, including children and adolescents, doubled compared to 2005.

6/29/2007 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger glad thereafter said...

Have you studied the Old Testament/Torah and Talmud pamela?

Do you see strangeness of having the vast majority of politicians representing European peoples support Jewish ethnic-nationalism - Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state - while they oppose instituting the same advantage to their own peoples?

Do you see how Jewish people who defend Zionism yet oppose the ethnic-nationalisms of the people they live amongst might be perceived?

If I studied all the relevant data objectively, might I find that anti-gentilism was rather more pervasive than anti-semitism - and by definition, older than the supposed 'oldest hatred'.

7/15/2007 06:55:00 PM  

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