Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lie Like a Neocon

Why anyone continues to listen to some of the leading Neocons is a puzzle. They were obviously wrong about Iraq and some certainly lied and/or were motivated by sympathies towards another nation.

But what really takes the cake is that some of them are claiming that the never advocated for the Iraq war, when it is well documented that they did.

I guess they really do think we are stupid.

When political leaders make drastic mistakes, accountability is delivered in the form of elections. That occurred in November when voters removed the party principally responsible for the war in Iraq. But the invasion would not have occurred had Americans not been persuaded of its wisdom and necessity, and leading that charge was a stable of pundits and media analysts who glorified President Bush’s policies and disseminated all sorts of false information and baseless assurances.

Yet there seems to be no accountability for these pro-war pundits. On the contrary, they continue to pose as wise, responsible experts and have suffered no lost credibility, prominence, or influence. They have accomplished this feat largely by evading responsibility for their prior opinions, pretending that they were right all along or, in the most extreme cases, denying that they ever supported the war.

This article is a truely remarkable recap of the build up to the Iraq war that should be read twice.



Blogger Eleanor said...

Neocon/Zionists who pushed us into Iraq on behalf of Israel are denying it now because 1. they don't want to be blamed; 2. they're happy with the civil war "caldron" outcome; 3. they want the US military to move out of Iraq so it can invade Iran (as Tom Lantos appeared to say at recent hearing.) Also, I think it was Paul Mirgenoff of Powerline blog on the AM C-Span call-in this morning who said that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was no threat to Israel! Similarly, Abe Foxman (see today's NYTimes Magazine article about Foxman and Israel Lobby)says US support for Israel "has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism"! Such lies!

1/14/2007 08:47:00 PM  

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