Monday, May 15, 2006

New Push for HR 3077?

According to this source there is a new push to pass HR 3077 in the Senate.

HR 3077 would put university funding in jeopordy when "anti-American" and anti-Israeli" speech is found on campus.

H.R. 3077 is bureaucratic in its tone, decipherable only to those with the capacity to wade through legislative linguistics. It would set up a seven-member advisory board that would have the power to recommend cutting federal funding for colleges and universities that are viewed as harboring academic critics of Israel.

Two members of the board would be appointed by the Senate, two by the House, and three by the secretary of education, two of whom are required to be from U.S. federal security agencies. The various appointees would be selected from what The Christian Science Monitor described on March 11 as “politicians, representatives of cultural and educational organizations, and private citizens.”


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