Thursday, March 09, 2006

AIPAC Does What is Best for Israel

Thoughts on AIPAC's power from an Israeli newspaper. He acknowledges AIPAC does what is best for Israel, which implies it is not advocating what is necessarily best for the US.

Thus, a few years ago, an AIPAC lobbyist's activities developed ties to an anonymous candidate from a remote state, which has almost no Jews, until the latter reached one of the highest offices in the Senate, and was able to have a real influence in Israel's favor. [Senate? I am thinking Tom Delay in the House?] Thus, last week, the adviser to a senator from a southern state, which also has few Jews, explained: "We have an excellent relationship with the Jewish community. We would never do anything related to Israel without first explaining to Israel what we are doing." He did not say that the community would dictate the vote, he did not say that AIPAC would say the word and the senator would do its bidding. But he did not deny the obligation to explain and not to spring an unpleasant surprise. And in any case, in votes related to Israel, you will usually find this senator in the "plus" column. Just like most of the others.

Nor will they refuse an offer to attend the AIPAC conference. To judge by the list of speakers that the organization has succeeded in enlisting even this year, it retains its power. They include the vice president, Congressional leaders, and past and future candidates for president. Even on Capitol Hill some are secretly grumbling: AIPAC is too strong, too aggressive, too strongly committed to its goals. But openly, it is difficult for one to come out against it. It has a great deal of power in bringing about political moves, as well as the power to cause damage; at least that is what many people believe.

But once a year, we can take a time out from all that. To say "thank you" to the tens of thousands of Americans - Americans! - who devote their time and their money to do what they believe is best. The best thing possible for Israel.


Blogger Jack's Shack said...

If this were balanced you would discuss the many lobbyists who work on behalf of Mexico, Britain, Japan etc.

In short there are hundreds of groups that lobby the US gov't for programs that are not in the best interest of the US government, but their own countries.

Out of context your comment has meaning, within context it is seen to carry no weight.

3/12/2006 08:06:00 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Jack, my understadning is that AIPAC expressly states that it does not lobby on behave of Israel.

If it did it would have to regester as a foreign agent.

3/14/2006 07:16:00 AM  

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