Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Israel Withholding Taxes, Not "Aid"

goods arriving at Israeli ports but bound for the occupied territories. You see the occupied territories have no "ports" through which to receive goods directly, so Israel must "collect" the duty for them

The recommendation for a "diet," along with the edicts Israel is poised to impose on the Palestinian people, should have aroused a hue and cry among Israeli society. Even if we put aside the awful political inanity of pushing Hamas into a corner instead of giving it a chance to change its ways, and even if we ignore the fact that Israel plans to confiscate tax revenues that do not belong to it, the policy of the Kadima government raises questions about its humanity. Where do we get the right to abuse an entire people this way? Is it only because of our great power and the fact that the U.S. allows us to run wild and do whatever we want?

This must violate some international law.


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