Friday, March 18, 2005

AIPAC Suspends Two Top Officials

This hasn't gotten covered in the American MSM yet (since they tend to be reluctant to cover the subject in general), but AIPAC the pro-Israel (and generally pro-Likud) lobbying group has put two top officials on paid leave who were targets of the FBI's espionage investigation. These are the two who had met with Larry Franklin of Doug Feith's office at the Pentagon last year and passed them calssified information regarding plans to destabilize Iran. The FBI took their evidence to a grand jury in early January, so it's possible this thing is nearing a decision on indictments. More background on the probe is available in this piece from The American Prospect.

The pro-AIPAC crowd is likely going to try to win the PR battle by trying to deflect attention onto the FBI's Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, David Szady. My thoughts on this are available on my blog. Basically, I think this is, more or less, the Chewbacca Defense.

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about the Israel/Likud lobby's connection to the push for the war in Iraq (and now Iran and maybe Syria), but this is important, and I think it needs to come out into the open, and be discussed.

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