Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Israeli Values

Here is an interesting summery of the illegal organ trade and Israel, which is a center for it due to a shortage of organs and apparently little moral compass when viewed from a western morality.

I highly urge you to read the whole thing slowly and thoroughly.


This fascinating article from Agence-France Presse offers blockbuster information. A retired Israeli army officer named Geldaya Tauber Gady was arrested in Brazil for his participation in this international organ trafficking ring. (I suspect that the information from Scheper-Hughes -- which was taken seriously in Brazil -- led to Gady's arrest.)

He told the court that the Israeli government financed the operation. Not only that:

Gady told the court that an Israeli government official, identified only as Ilan, put him in touch with an intermediary in Brazil...

Gady's courtroom testimony puts the Rosenbaum case in an entirely new light.

Should we be financing a country with these types of morals?


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